Sunday, August 29, 2010

Probably the Nerdiest Thing About Me

I collect calculators.

I have yet to amass a huge collection, but I'm on a path toward one. 

This TI-1050 is probably the neatest one that I own.  It takes a 9V battery and emits a high-pitched frequency when it's on.  When you perform an operation, like square root, all of the digits fill up and it appears as though it's randomly scrolling through numbers before settling on an answer.  It's neat.

My "go-to" calculator is a TI-89 Titanium.  If you're in a math class or will be taking one I highly recommend this one.  It does so much.  You can even find some emulators of it if you know where to look.

If you're helplessly nerdy, and want in on this pointless hobby, you can often find some really good deals on eBay.  For example, I found a lot of 3 calculators made to look and smell like chocolate for $0.99.


  1. nice blog showing my support. follow back:)


    But thanks for the CC recipe =)